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Cheetah House is a non-profit, semi-residential social service organization that aims to support the cultivation of greater awareness and deeper intentionality in engagement with the world. In short, Cheetah House is a “Contemplative Think Tank” aimed at using first-person, contemplative methods to support and foster the vision and successful implementation of globally beneficial social activism.

Contemplative Studies Summer Intensive

Brown University is offering several courses this summer in contemplative studies: Intro to Contemplative Studies, Meditation and the Brain, and Intro to Contemplative Photography.  For more information and how to register, click the image below.

brochure contemplative_studies_13 (1)

More new additions to the Dark Night Project resources page

(*new*) VARIOUS ONLINE ARTICLES & INTERVIEWS on difficult spiritual experiences

New additions to the resources page

(*new*) VARIOUS PUBLICATIONS on difficult stages and adverse effects:

  • Burmese meditation master Mahasi Sayadaw’s (1965) Progress of Inisght (download PDF here)
  • Author and psychologist Daniel Goleman (1978-9) on “A Taxonomy of Meditation-Specific Altered States” (download PDF here)
  • Meditation teacher Jack Kornfield’s (1979) landmark study on intensive Vipassana meditation experiences (download PDF here)
  • Scholar Giuliano Giustarini on “The Role of Fear (Bhaya) in the Nikāyas and in the Abhidhamma” (download PDF here)

Two new Dark Night resources & Consolidated Dark Night Project Page

(*new*) Dr. DAVID TRELEAVEN investigates the relationship between meditation and trauma:

  • Presenting his dissertation defense on the merits and shortcomings of meditation from the perspective of trauma therapy
  • David is also taking clients experiencing difficulties along the contemplative path.  He can be reached at

(*new*) PHILLIP ROSS BUTTNER, MA, discusses Challenges on the Buddhist Path”

Also, all pages relating the Dark Night Project have been consolidated under “The Dark Night Project” header for easier navigation.


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